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AB 1950: Probation Recall


March 24, 2021


Assembly Bill (AB) 1950 became effective January 1, 2021. It limits probation sentences for most misdemeanor offenses (currently 3 years for most crimes), to one year, and two years for most felony offenses (currently between 3-5 years).

What Violations Does AB 1950 Affect?

The new law will reduce probation for most misdemeanors. However, not all violations are included in the one-year limit.  AB 1950 does NOT reduce the time for probation for the following convictions:

  • Offenses in violation of the Dangerous Weapons Control Law
  • Offenses involving the use of a dangerous or deadly weapon
  • Violent felonies
  • Child abuse
  • Any misdemeanor or felony that already includes a mandatory probation period length, such as in DUI and domestic violence cases.
  • Certain financial crimes, where the amount of money involved is greater than $25,000

AB 1950 and How it Can Impact Me

The purpose of the enactment of AB 1950 is to reduce recidivism rates. Supporters of this bill argue that a short probation term and an increased emphasis on services will reduce re-entry into the criminal justice system. These services should lead to better futures for these individuals and a decrease in prison populations.

Clients who were sentenced to probation before January 2021 may seek amendments to their existing probation limits.  If you believe your probation period can be terminated per AB 1950, reach out to a Hayes Law Office Attorney to discuss your case.  Doug and I are experienced lawyers who are determined to support our clients’ needs in difficult circumstances. Contact us for a consultation today.



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