Criminal charges and convictions can have massive immigration impacts. If you are facing criminal charges and are not a US Citizen, it is very important to inform and consult with your criminal defense attorney about the possible additional penalties you face in the immigration arena. Certain choices you make in your criminal case may have an array of different impacts on your immigration status and any immigration case you may have. Some criminal charges trigger deportation, some may result in a denial of naturalization, and some may cause exclusion from re-entry to the United States. Others may impact your VISA or DACA status. Annie Hayes has attended many “crimmigration” conferences and continues to stay up to date in changes in the law and practice. Both Annie and Doug are very familiar with the nuances and specifics of how the world of criminal law is linked to the world of immigration law – but we will always refer our clients to immigration lawyers (who specialize in immigration law) who can help with immigration specific issues and processes. There are a few local immigration lawyers we trust and collaborate with on a constant basis. Facing criminal charges is scary – knowing that the charges may also affect your immigration status adds an extra layer. We care about you, your ability to stay in the US with your family, and are here to help.