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Juvenile Cases


September 27, 2021


Generally speaking, minors under the age of 18 are tried in the California juvenile court system. However, there are cases in which younger minors can be tried in adult court. In certain circumstances, particularly very serious cases, a minor may be subject to a “transfer hearing,” where the judge decides whether the minor should be transferred to adult court. Having a good understanding of the legal language surrounding your child’s case is essential. Here are few terms you may come across in the juvenile court system.

Adjudicatory Hearing

The trial of a juvenile case. At this hearing, the judge receives and weighs the evidence to determine whether the facts prove the charges alleged in the delinquency petition beyond a reasonable doubt. If the juvenile is found guilty (or involved) at the adjudicatory hearing, this finding is called an “adjudication.”


Refers to any program that is an alternative to filing a court petition and keeps the youth from entering the juvenile court system by referring the child to counseling or other social services.

Camp Commitment

Suppose a male juvenile admits or is found to have committed certain offenses. In that case, they may be sentenced to a commitment at Los Prietos Boys Camp, a local detention facility focusing on rehabilitation.

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