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Choosing the Right Lawyer


March 24, 2021


Needing a lawyer is serious business, and selecting the right one – no matter which type – is a big decision that can seriously impact your case and your future.  Whether you need a contract to protect your business, a family court order granting you custody of your children, or representation in a criminal matter, it’s important to find not only the right TYPE of lawyer, but the right fit in personality, style, and experience.

Lawyers have a lot of power.  They make important decisions for their clients every day.  Sometimes the direction of a case will depend on how good your lawyer is at convincing the district attorney, or how familiar your lawyer is with the many treatment and diversion programs in your county.  Is the lawyer you hire going to show up to court on time?  It is critical to understand that when hiring a lawyer, you are hiring a representative of YOU and that you are giving that person the power to make and advise you regarding important decisions.

A lawyer’s job is to advocate for their client and make sure that the client nor the case is taken advantage of by the system and its many faults.  Judges, lawyers, and courtroom staff handle hundreds of cases a day, and unintentional mistakes are made frequently.  Can you trust that your lawyer will catch these mistakes if they happen in your case?

The legal system is incredibly complex, and when you hire a lawyer, you expect them to know how to navigate the system effectively.

Doug and I both grew up in the legal community in Santa Barbara.  We know how the system works and how to make the system work for you, not against you.  We won’t make decisions on your case without your input.  We understand that hiring a lawyer is a challenging and big decision and hope that you will come in and speak with us about your legal issues.

DISCLAIMER: This section offers a series of criminal law and personal injury related bulletins prepared by the attorneys at Hayes Law Offices. This is not exhaustive, nor is it legal advice. You should discuss your particular situation with us or with your own attorney. Our legal representation is only undertaken through a contract and not by the distribution or use of this information.